Art Design Center



PROJECT / Art Design Center


LOCATION / Shenzhen, China

Art Design Center, established in 2000 and located at Luohu district in Shenzhen, is MJH Group's very first massive shopping space combining creativity, art installations and home decor. Consisting of four halls, it is as large as 200,000 square metres.


To express their ideal of selling quality home accessories, illustrate a high standard of living as well as create a more humane and comfortable user experience, MJH Group invited HALLUCINATE to reconstruct and redesign the space including the leisure square in Phase I and III, the public area on 6th-9th floor in Phase I, car park and the signage system. HALLUCINATE turned the open area between two buildings into a leisure square in which talks and exhibitions can be held. Steel-made wall with lighting behind is added to make the space enclosed yet translucent, which improves the experience in the circulation. The contrast between the liveliness in the mall and the quietness in the public area shapes a strong spatial character.


To avoid the existing messy window display, along the corridor, HALLUCINATE unified the elevation of shops as well as the size and material of the display windows. Through the twists and turns in the mall, the inflexible route in commercial spaces is replaced while user experiences in space are crucial in the design. Combining the signage system, every staircase and escalator does not only serve its function of transportation but also becomes nodes of space.