PROJECT / Iceland Trekking Cabins

LOCATION / Iceland

Iceland is a country rich with roaring volcanoes, monolithic glaciers, icy mountains and deep fjords. Such unique Nordic landscape casts its nature with mysteries.

lceland trekking cabins competition aims to set up a series of cabins along various trekking trails so that the cabins can provide trekkers a relaxing spot as well as a place to take a break, hide from the relentless Icelandic weather and stay into a safe zone. In HALLUCINATE's proposal, all trekking cabins facing North transform into a metaphor of an universal guide for all trekkers and passer-bys. In a fierce and furious landscape with constantly changing climate, using game icon as concept, the simple yet impressive design of the cabins successfully adds a certain amount of surprising spices among the irregularities of the Nordic sceneries. At the same time each cabin should represent Iceland’s identity and thus become an icon on its own.


To maximize the protection for the nature, the facilities in the cabins are minimized to meet basic needs of the trekkers. Yet the cabins can still provide a comfortable, safe and welcoming spot for a relaxing experience. Visitors' flow is oriented vertically. A fixed vertical ladder and rod are used to reach the separated resting areas, implying a playful character of the interior and joyful experience which contrasts with the architecture itself.


Simple molecular square units are combined differently to create a system of 4 forms acting as trekking trail signs. With sizes varying from 30 to 35 square meters, the 4 types of cabins are developed and equipped to host 8 persons at one time, except that Type 1 can provide shelter for 12 persons. Clean water is provided through a filter system of collecting rainwater which goes from the roof slope through the wall to the underground tank. After being processed, clean water is brought back to the cabin. Electricity is generated from a wind-source system for the basic facilities of the cabins such as lighting and air-ventilation.