LOCATION / Shenzhen China

AWARDS / HKDA Global Design Awards , ASIA PACIFIC INTERIOR Design Awards


“Sleep Experience Center” is a commercial space project designed by HALLUCINATE for COCO-MAT, a brand from Athens, Greece originally known for producing mattresses made from natural materials. The company is the Award Winner & Prize Winner in EFQM’s (European Foundation for Quality Management) quality competition.


Based on the request from COCO-MAT, a semi-open “cabin” is established in this ordinary rectangular commercial space, so as to create a relatively private environment. Inside the “cabin”, HALLUCINATE deliberately removed all other furnishings to highlight the function of the bedding products; the solid wood stairs and the curved ceiling stretching to the floor are perfectly integrated, creating a welcoming and comfortable place where visitors can relax. The space design changes how people feel about their bedrooms and encourages them to think beyond the product itself and focus more on the places we sleep in, which in turn furthers our exploration of space. At the beginning we create a space; in the end the space changes us.